Urdu Novels By Abeera Hassan

Abeera Hassan is a rising star in contemporary Urdu fiction who has quickly distinguished herself with her distinctive voice and narrative style. Some of her most well-known Urdu works are Zindagi Tujhe Dhoond Rahi Hai, Jinhe Naam Mohabbat Hai and Tu Jo Kahe – her novels realistically portray modern day issues and relationships while maintaining classic Urdu adab traditions. Hassan tackles themes of love, heartbreak, ambition and societal pressures with nuanced and empathy.

Abeera Hassan has earned praise for creating multilayered female characters who enliven her stories, coupled with relatable storytelling and gripping plotlines that keep readers reading her novels. Her works stand out among new generation Urdu writers to watch out for; this text provides a summary of Abeera Hassan’s key Urdu fiction novels.